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Warning: Reverb Instrumentals

Into The Blue Sparkle

Surf Adventure Tour: Live in Prague

101 Forgotten Greats & Unsung Heroes

A Few Blog Posts I did for Guitar World

An Interview For Vintage Guitar Magazinedavewronski_home_files/WRONSKIFANELLIFEB2008.pdf

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Slim Jims Commercials

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Dave Wronski Interview in October 2016 issue of Gittare & Bass Magazine. Several pictures, Amps, info, and assorted ramblings... in German, but, you can use Google Translate!

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Great event! May 20 2-6PM at Viva Cantina in Burbank. I’ll be teaming up with Pete Curry, from Los Straightjackets. Lots of guitar players, who, at the end, all play Rumble at the same time through a wall of amps!

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